Herzlichen Dank für ihr Interesse am StartUp-Simulationssspiel.

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As It Happened

The StartUp Simulation Game was a great intercultural experience. In close partnership with the “Goethe Institut” over 200 students from India, Vietnam, Ukraine, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Turkey, Germany, United Kingdom, Romania, Indonesia, Denmark, Estonia and Croatia. Over three hours the students worked in intercultural teams and next to all seriousness in playing the game together, all groups had plenty of time to find the funny side of interacting with each other. For all participants, it was a truly inspiring event. The Leuphana Entrepreneurship Hub and its partners are looking forward to a new game in 2016.

StartUp-Festival 2015

The past decades have borne witness to a rapid increase in the offerings of entrepreneurship education worldwide. There is an explicit political agenda both at the national and at global level to promote entrepreneurship education throughout the entire educational system. It is expected that entrepreneurial skills will be the key to enhancing an innovative culture, which in turn will result in higher competitiveness and economic growth. However, in order to achieving these objectives it is important that educational systems and methods move from traditional to creative, interactive and student-centred educational models that will help to change student mindsets and prepare students for the challenges of the future. Leuphana University of Luneburg is well known for its outstanding activities in innovation and entrepreneurship. Leuphana understands entrepreneurship in terms of “Humboldt plus Schumpeter” as a comprehensive form of modern lifestyle which refers to “individual’s ability to turn ideas into action. It includes creativity, innovation and risk taking, as well as the ability to plan and manage projects in order to achieve objectives. This supports everyone in day to day life at home and in society, employees in being aware of the context of their work and being able to seize opportunities...” (EU Commission 2007: 11).

To promote ENTREPRENEURSHIP as a fun and worthwhile skills package that can change the lives of many, Leuphana and two like-minded Universities with the University of East London and Florida State University teamed up and developed the idea of an International StartUp-Festival. Embedded into the Global Entrepreneurship Week 2015 (16 – 22 November 2015) the three Universities will organise three different events.

16. Nov. 2015

An idea goes around the world

One social challenge will be tackled by 12 Universities in 12 different time zones. The solution is really developed around the world.

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18. Nov. 2015

Panel discussion

Six entrepreneurs from Germany, the UK and the USA are talking about their experiences in the business world. The talk will be streamed live here.

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20. Nov. 2015

World Record

The first three hours intercultural StartUp simulation game. And we want to make it a world record online event!

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