Herzlichen Dank für ihr Interesse am StartUp-Simulationssspiel.

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As It Happened

The StartUp Simulation Game was a great intercultural experience. In close partnership with the “Goethe Institut” over 200 students from India, Vietnam, Ukraine, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Turkey, Germany, United Kingdom, Romania, Indonesia, Denmark, Estonia and Croatia. Over three hours the students worked in intercultural teams and next to all seriousness in playing the game together, all groups had plenty of time to find the funny side of interacting with each other. For all participants, it was a truly inspiring event. The Leuphana Entrepreneurship Hub and its partners are looking forward to a new game in 2016.


18. November 2015

On the Wednesday of Global Entrepreneurship Week Florida State University will host a panel discussion that will see entrepreneurs from Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States taking the stage and discussing their experiences of setting up a business. An entertaining talk that will be surrounded by questions from the audience.